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"KC Returns!"

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 I developed KC Returns! for my grandchildren so they will better understand DNA, their future. Now they can experience the basics of DNA, seeing for themselves how learning about DNA can be fun and exciting and how play can teach valuable lessons. My grandchildren funded KC Returns! through their “wows, smiles and enjoyment, so it’s now free to all. Exploring: – Zoom in, out, and through a section of DNA – Select any atom, molecule, or bond and spin the DNA around it or hold the selection and go to the web for even more information Learning: – Correctly locate the answers to questions about DNA’s atoms, molecules and bonds to earn points for enhanced play – Hear how to pronounce the atoms, molecules, and bonds that make up DNA Playing: – The game section combines some of the best of KC’s past with what is graphically possible today – It shows: 1. How smaller can be better 2. The role of membranes 3. Where charm is often better than force 4. That slurping, not chomping, is how atoms and molecules interact 5. How atoms need external energy, KC supplied, to bond with each other into the molecules of DNA Features: – Learning by exploring the atoms, molecules, and bonds that make up DNA – Hear how to pronounce the atoms, molecules, and bonds that make up DNA – Directly access, via the internet, all the current information about DNA and its components – Earn play assets by testing what you have learned – Knowledge is “power” – Choose your level of testing and risk/reward – Dynamic and permeable membranes to navigate – Supports touch, pen, mouse, game controller or any combination – Watch videos of all aspects (why, what, how) of KC Returns! on KC’s website,




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