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 jWordPoolX is a word association game for one player. Five game types are available for selection consisting of nouns, adjectives, prefixes, part-of, and general class. The player has 60 seconds to enter as many associated words. Best played on a Surface Pro/Book or PC using a keyboard. Available for mobile devices however keying may become challenging for the time limit. A seed word can be selected randomly or can be entered by the player (see tooltips with associated buttons). Words entered are scored by letter value similar to that used for Scrabble. Correct or incorrect words will be displayed with an appropriate symbol and the words point value. Incorrect words are scored as zero. Once the time limit expires the player will be presented with a list of word associations for the seed word with correct answers highlighted in yellow. Game type can be changed through the app status bar at the bottom of the app. 

The game can be played with multiple players playing individually by using the player entered seed word option. Players can try for the most points for a given seed word and game type.
Word associations provided by the Datamuse API word-finding query engine. Refer to website for more information.


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