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Game "Hat"

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 The first and only app for famous Russian game "Hat" for windows 10!

Game "Hat" is very similar to American game "Celebrities", but in Russian version any nouns can be used, not only celebrities' names.
How many times have you wanted to play, but the reluctance to write words and mess around with pieces of paper stopped you? Now all this is in the past!
- no need in pen and paper, you can immediately play;
- during the round you don't have to waste time on taking papers from hat;
- you do not have to understand someone's handwriting - all words are printed on a screen;
- the database consists of more than 1,000 words;
- you can take the "hat" in a café or in a trip!
Players sit around the table, usually 6-10 people. Computer makes the other — chooses several words for each player and "puts them into the hat".
Each round only two players are involved — clue-giver and guesser, others just wait and listen. Play begins when the clue-giver presses button "Let's go!". From that moment, for a short period of time he or she can see words on a screen which second player has to guess.
When second player guesses the word correctly, the clue-giver presses button "Guessed" and continues with next word until time is up or there are no more words in the hat.
If an illegal clue is given (breaking rules A-F below), clue-giver must press button "Error". Current word will be set aside from the hat.
Usually each pair of players has 20 seconds per round followed by "Last chance" — clue-giver should be silent and guesser has 3 seconds and one try for giving the right answer.
When time is up, the current word is reinserted into "the hat". This allows for a particularly difficult words to be guessed by several players.


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