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 WordX is more than a game. It challenges your mind. It is a learning tool, it improves your vocabulary. It includes pronunciation of words. You are learning as you play this game. You will become a spelling expert by the time you complete all the levels in this game.

The Object of the game is to unscramble Words. You are provided with dictionary meaning of the word to unscramble. After you unscramble the word correctly.... The Correct pronunciation of the Word is heard. The game has many levels, and each subsequent level is harder than the previous one. You may be challenged with 3 to 20 letter words to unscramble. This Game is great for young kids all the way to adults who love to challenge their mind. 
Look at the Scrambled Word carefully, just like many puzzle games, the Game provides you with a Clue or Hint... It provides the Dictionary meaning of the word. Use this as your clue to unscramble the word. If you like more challenge, you can hide the Hint so you don't see the Dictionary meaning. 
If you selected an incorrect letter, an X will show at the bottom on the incorrect letter, Tap the X to undo your selection. But be careful. If you undo Too many times, you will be penalized Points. 
Have fun!


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