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 Experience music like never before with SongArc -- a revolutionary game that brings the music on your tablet to life! 

"Groundbreaking music game" - Mac Sources
"OMG! OMG! OMG! I didn't know that I was so musical! Reminds me of Guitar Hero, but it is much better to play and at least a thousand times more fun!" - Check App
"SongArc is a great deal of fun, especially for music lovers and upcoming artists who are looking to grow their fan base... Great time and a definite BUY." - GamingCypher
"If you are an avid fan of tap rhythm games, SongArc is a must play" - Sirius Gaming
Be a finger dance revolution hero! No guitar needed to rock your favorite band's songs!
Players can tap shapes that reach an arc and follow the beat. It’s also possible to create a number of custom Sheets for each song -- that allows players to decide what part of the song they want to emphasize. For example, the creator of the sheet can choose whether it’s the guitar, vocals or that talented drummer that really should take center stage. More than 140,000 Sheets have been created so far -- adding the artistic interpretation of individual SongArc players to tens of thousands of songs.


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