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My tooth fell out!

My tooth fell out!

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标签: My tooth fell out


 Audio and read-along | Interaction with characters and settings | Educational games Interactive Children’s Book This application, intended for preschool children, tells a story about the loss of the first baby tooth. Besides interacting with characters and settings throughout the whole story, it is also possible to play different games and perform several instructional activities. This engaging and educational app will capture children’s attention for hours on end. INTERACTION WITH CHARACTERS AND SETTINGS - Leads unconsciously to the story’s analysis and favours reading comprehension READ-ALONG FEATURE - The listen and read-along feature promotes reading development EDUCATIONAL GAMES - It stimulates content's assimilation and the application of concepts in everyday life This collection was designed by specialized professionals and aims to fulfil the need for the use of edutainment technologies qualification.


  • My tooth fell out!
  • My tooth fell out!
  • My tooth fell out!


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